CD 2055
Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch - trumpet
Miguel Zenon - alto saxophone
Rick Germanson - piano
Hans Glawischnig - bass
Neal Smith - drums
01 210 Centre St.  
02 Who Loves You Better  
03 Nobody Else But Me  
04 Azalea  
05 The Magmillion Caper  
06 24/7  
07 West End Blues  
08 Afinque  
09 Game Theory  
10 By The Time I Get To Phoenix  
11 Beholding  
Recorded at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, New York, on December 16 and 17, 2002.

Brian Lynch's 1st outing for Nagel Heyer finds him in the fine company of
Marsalis Music recording artist Miguel Zenon and three of NYC's first-call
musicians, pianist Rick Germanson, bassist Hans Glawischnig and drummer Neal
Smith. This CD presents the heat of Lynch's signature fiery, hardbop chops
displayed alongside the heart of his stunning, lush-toned lyrical
conception - further affirming his stature among the very top rank of modern
trumpet players.

"There may be more famous players than my man but there are no better ones.
Brian is at the top of his game and is playing and writing overtime! Makes
an old bebopper proud" - Phil Woods

"As I always say, if you have half the enjoyment listening to this CD that
we had making it, then I'll feel we've done our job well. Enjoy!" - Brian

There's nothing like having a group out on the road playing every night,
then coming back home and going right into the studio while you're still
hot. The music is rehearsed and tight, and you're able to play freely on it,
distilling the numerous encounters you've had with it in all the varied
performance situations into an unforced, yet finely honed recorded

That's the feeling we had going into to the studio to make this recording.
You're listening to a working group here, hot from a three week tour of
Europe where the new material I had brought in was thoroughly assimilated by
the cats in the quartet and made their own. This is the first recording I
have made in years that documents how my working group really sounds, and I'm quite proud of it. I think you'll be pleased too.

A bit about the group:

Miguel Zenon - alto sax: Miguel was the fifth piece in this group for New
York club engagements in the summer of '02, and again in the time preceding
the recording dates. I am very proud to have been associated with this
important musician in my groups over the last three years, including this
one as well as my other group project "Spheres Of Influence". Miguel is one
of the most superbly equipped players on the scene today, and is now the
leader of his own group. He has also played with David Sanchez and Charlie
Haden's Liberation Music among others, and has CDs out as a leader on Fresh
Sound and Marsalis Music.

Rick Germanson - piano: Rick is one of the most in demand young players on
the New York scene today, as well as one of my closest friends. He's most
known for his tenure as the pianist in the Louis Hayes Quintet, but he's
with or has been with the groups of Donald Harrison, Rene Marie, and Elvin
Jones as well. Rick has two CDs out on the Fresh Sound label. Rick's playing
combines clarity, taste, and hipness to consistently delight.

Hans Glawischnig - bass: Another one of the top young players on his
instrument today, versatile and eloquent in many different styles and forms.
Hans is a part of the groups of David Sanchez and Miguel Zenon, and has
played with Ray Baretto, Dafnis Prieto's group, and Antonio Sanchez among
many others. Hans is also a member of my "Spheres Of Influence" project. His
debut CD, "Common Ground", is on Fresh Sound.

Neal Smith - drums: A most swinging drummer and another good friend. Neal is
a longtime member of Cyrus Chestnut's trio, recording and touring the world.
He's also been a part of the groups of Tom Harrell and Rufus Reid, and leads
his own group, with two CDs out.
Brian Lynch, Dec. 2004

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