CD 2056
41st Parallel
Woodstore Quintet with Tim Hagans

Tim Hagans - trumpet
Massimo Carboni - tenor sax
Mariano Tedde - piano
Paolo Spanu - double bass
Gianni Filindeu - drums
Maria Pia De Vito - vocals on # 5 and # 7
1 Tim's theme  
2 All'ultimo momento  
3 Apple Tree  
4 Shark  
5 CapoCaccia (The Wish)  
6 XXX  
7 The Bread I Break  
8 Subway  
Recorded on December 19 and 20, 2003 at Casagliana Recording Studio, Olbia, by Raffaele Musio. Digital editing and mixing in August 2004 by Massimo Carboni. 

Astonishing. There is no other word to describe and catch the essence of this CD. And of this band, Woodstore, that comes to the international scene with a project of utter prestige. They all come from Sardinia, one of the most beautiful region of the Mediterranean. However, Woodstore players, rather than hide in the cosy microcosm of their land, have always sought to find a universal language able to connect with their surroundings and beyond. They have established deep conceptual bonds with that global aesthetic poetry we call jazz.

Woodstore - named after the band's first rehearsal place where this project came to life - represents a fresh new moment in the international jazz landscape. This is a project that looks constantly for an inner dialogue and links with other "voices" and other ideas. Therefore this group has an open configuration; around its core group Woodstore builds various combinations of its music, accepting the challenges from guest artists with different backgrounds: for example Tim Hagans.

With his boundless trumpet playing Hagans adds a portion of the high pitch range to the whole sound. He brings his cross-cutting knowledge to the musical discourse as well as the depth of melodic resolutions and the edges and corners of unforeseeable solo-ism.

Blue Note recording artist Tim Hagans is not afraid to take chances. He has made some unusual and successful choices when it comes to his music. Lauded as a gifted player, Hagans is always looking for opportunities to challenge himself and his art. With the Woodstore Quintet the result is amazing.
This recording is for open-minded people who want to be challenged for sixty minutes. The music is inspired and inspiring. Nevertheless it is also pure entertainment.

This record is the result of years of hard work, never-ending discussions, and a great love for music. That is why we feel profoundly indebted to those people who shared this hard path with us making this achievement possible.
Massimo, Mariano, Paolo and Gianni

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