CD 2066
Zona Sul

Sophie Wegener – vocals
Pedro Tagliani – guitar & vocals
Tizian Jost – piano
Matthias Engelhardt – bass
Hajo v. Hadeln – drums
01 Por toda minha vida  
02 Samba de Orly  
03 Tous les garçons et les filles  
04 Canto de Iemanjá  
05 And I love her  
06 Lugar comum  
07 Mais feliz  
08 Encontros e despedidas  
09 Dança da solidão  
10 Vai e vem  
11 Mães e filhas  
Recorded on September 12 and 13, 2005 at realistic sound, Munich, by Florian Oestreicher.

Beira – (Portuguese) shore, beach, border.Beira – (Portuguese) shore, beach, border.

Zona Sul is a band dedicated to playing Bossa Nova, the music "invented" in the late 1950s by Brazilians João Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim. It has its roots in Brazilian Samba and Jazz, the lyrics and melodies are often quite melancholy while the rhythms can be joyful and make you feel like dancing. Samba é chorar de alegria - samba is crying out of joy.

Zona Sul have been playing together for four years. Inspired by the legendary Zimbo Trio and singer Elis Regina, the band remains authentic and true to the Brazilian tradition, while having developed an original style.

Like the music its band members have been influenced by jazz and Brazilian music. In 2003 the band recorded their first CD: Pure Love - Um amor tão puro for Nagel Heyer Records:

"A wonderful CD." Prinz

"Whether it’s in Portuguese, English, French or Italian: Sophie Wegener succeeds in beguiling her listeners with sweet laments in any language." Jazzthing

"A powerful performance by a brilliant band." Süddeutsche Zeitung

"A remarkable range of expression." Jazz Podium

"The next Bossa Nova star - Sophie Wegener." Abendzeitung

"Zona Sul: sensuous and fragile." Cosmopolitan

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