CD 2086
Beyond Question
Roditi, Ignatzek, Rassinfosse

Claudio Roditi - trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
Klaus Ignatzek - piano
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - bass
01 Pleasant Journey  
02 Early Hour  
03 Hot Temper  
04 Sound Of The Sea  
05 Change Of Air (based on J.S. Bach 'Air')  
06 Piccolo Blues (to Bobby Durham)  
07 Stay Within Sight  
08 Hanksome (to Hank Jones)  
09 Hidden Secret  
10 Other Side Of The Coin  
11 Love Dance  
Recorded on August 5th - 7th, 2008 at DaDa Studios, Brussels, by David Minjauw.

The world famous Brazilian trumpet player Claudio Roditi, the German pianist Klaus Ignatzek and the international renowned Belgian bass player Jean-Louis Rassinfosse have been playing together for more than 20 consecutive years now. Their music is best described as excellent chamber jazz from a top-notch trumpet-piano-bass trio.

The three musicians form a unity in which musical equality goes without saying. The three of them are always able to lead the audience into their world of sound without being obtrusive but intensive and border-crossing. The trio reveals its unmistakable class as a chamber ensemble.

All their CDs on the Nagel Heyer label did not only receive excellent critics worldwide, but their music was also in the Top 10 of the American jazz radio charts for several months.

The trio's music consists of specially arranged standards and mainly their own compositions in the jazz & Latin jazz genre. Countless concerts throughout Europe stand as impressive documents of their long term collaboration in the trio format.

On their latest release Claudio Roditi, Klaus Ignatzek and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse demonstrate one more time that they belong to the top of the jazz scene. Melodic jazz doesn't get much better than this.

“Trumpeter Claudio Roditi brings an earnest understanding of his Brazilian homeland’s music to the table … it’s exceptionally well done and stands well on its own.”
Down Beat

“With this trio's impeccable time, and Rassinfosse's strong walking lines, you won't miss the drums. Relaxing and thoughtful and full of genial energy, Roditi's latest is a refreshing change of pace from the usual trio format.”
All About

“This is an album that is likely to grow on the listener for its honest jazz values.”
Jazz Podium

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