CD 2067
Marc Copland and Randy Brecker

Marc Copland – piano
Randy Brecker – trumpet
Ed Howard – bass
Victor Lewis – drums
1 Through The Window  
2 I Loves You Porgy  
3 Over The Hills  
4 The Sidewinder  
5 Both/And  
6 Round The Horn  
7 When The Wind Stops  
8 Bookends  
Recorded on November 20, 2004 at The Studio, New York, by Jon Rosenberg.

With Marc Copland and Randy Brecker - piano and trumpet, respectively - the synergy is so all-embracing, they seem to be joined at the hip. Extremely hip. But to make things even better they are joined here by a legendary rhythm section including Victor Lewis on drums and Ed Howard on bass. The result is an impressive performances that stay with the listener; a set free of stylistic clichés, that never seems to stop searching for – and finding – itself; a wonderful recording of unbelievable imagination; and a lesson in harmonic drama that will stand the test of time.

Copland’s playing demonstrates an obscure sense of romanticism; nowhere near as obvious as many of his sources, he has been developing a style that is harmonically imaginative yet completely engaging and soothing to the ear. While Brecker adds his crisp, clean trumpet sound and decidedly melodic approach combined to offer an entirely delightful musical expression that could well serve as a beacon for contemporary jazz.

Without a doubt the couple Copland/Brecker have delivered one of the most creative recordings of this or any year. This is a very, very special outing for both of them, and for those who hear it. Most remarkable is that, like a classic movie, the more often you listen to it, the more appealing it becomes as you discover the varying colors within.

Throughout the five Copland originals, one by Brecker and two standards, there are only fleeting moments of formal solo statements. Even when the focus is obviously on the piano, Brecker is still exploring, usually by contributing some fine back-up comments. And therein lies the beauty of Both/And.

In addition Both/And is another fine recording from a pianist who is gradually developing a reputation but has yet to make the leap into more broad exposure. Clearly, on the strength of this recording, Copland deserves a larger audience. Surely, with beautifully recorded albums such as this that demonstrate a consistent yet evolving conception, and an outstanding ability to work with a rich variety of artists like Brecker, the time will come when Copland is recognized as the artist of consequence that he truly is.

"Marc Copland is one of the most significant pianists of the last twenty years."

“Trumpeter, Randy Brecker is a clever scoundrel. He manages to play some of the most marketable easy-listening jazz in the world. But at the same time, he's also able to inject a considerable amount of depth and conviction into his music. The code word is excitement...”
New York Daily News

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