CD 2058
Champagne Taste
Full House feat. Jim Rotondi and David Hazeltine

Jim Rotondi - trumpet, synthesizer
David Hazeltine - fender rhodes, hammond b3
Greg Skaff - guitar, Barak Mori - bass, Joe Strasser - drums
01 Afreaka  
02 Pound Cake  
03 P.S.  
04 Mamacita  
05 Reasons  
06 Champagne Taste  
07 Love For Sale  
08 OOTW (Intro)  
09 Out Of This World  
10 Howayou  
11 Voodoo  
Recorded live at Smoke, New York City, on May 30, June 13 and June 20, 2002.

Full House is an exciting new musical collaboration between trumpeter Jim
Rotondi and pianist David Hazeltine which draws on a wide variety of
influences, ranging from their straight-ahead jazz roots through the
electronic innovations of the 1970's and '80's.

Both artists realized from the outset that as with any new musical venture,
musical integrity is of primary importance, and they simply choose to
explore the possibilities and challenges that newer styles and compositional
approaches present. This is why in any given performance it isn't uncommon
to hear new arrangements from the songbooks of Stevie Wonder or Earth, Wind & Fire, but given a treatment conductive to improvisation. Of course there
is also a strong focus on original composition in addition to the works of
great jazz composers such as Cedar Walton, Joe Henderson and Wayne Shorter.

Enjoy the first release from the group on the Nagel Heyer label. Still, the
band can be heard every Thursday night at New York's great new jazz venue,
Smoke, which is located at 2751 Broadway @ 106th Street.

"Clearly, Rotondi emerges as one of the best of the post-Hubbard
generation . His solos are a near-perfect amalgam of power, finesse and
logic." -

"Rotondi is one of the unsung heroes of the trumpet." - Bret Primack;

"Rotondi has the passion and focus to find a place for the music in the new
millennium." - The New Yorker, January 2003

"A player and writer with great respect for the melody, Hazeltine can be
surprisingly inventive with the harmonic and rhythmic possibilities in a
tune. Unobtrusive yet frequently exciting, Hazeltine always sounds as if he
is digging what he's playing, and his approach makes well-known tunes sound
fresh." - Jazz Times

"First and foremost, Hazeltine is an excellent jazz pianist ... his
improvisations abound with well-developed ideas." -

"Even in the crowded, competitive New York scene, it is obvious to me that
the hip-without-fanfare Hazeltine is a standout" - Ira Gitler

"David Hazeltine is for sure the brightest star on the jazz piano horizon.
His style has a deep-seated commitment to jazz history while communicating a
wealth of 'today' ideas." - Cedar Walton

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