CD 2040
Dig It!
Frode Berg

Frode Berg acoustic bass, 6-string electric bass
Petter Wettre tenor saxophone
Roy Powell piano
Andreas Bye drums
01 41b  
02 Sir Nuke  
03 Another Song  
04 Dig It!  
05 I’m Gone  
06 Hocum  
07 Giant Steps  
08 Victor  
Recorded on May 20 and 21, 2003 at The Cookie Factory, Oslo.

No, jazz is not dead, as this sparkling album makes abundantly clear. It's another fine example that presents the Norwegian jazz scene as one of the most promising in today’s jazz world. The songs are mostly original compositions by Frode Berg and Roy Powell.

Frode Berg is an accomplished player who has played with the likes of Donna Summer (regular member of Donna Summer’s European tour band 1993-1996), Sir Paul McCartney, James Morrison, Frank Gambale, Luciano Pavarotti, Art Garfunkel, Bugge Wesseltoft, Silje Nergård, Nils Petter Molvær and Shirley Bassey (just to name a few).

"Very seldom a jazz tune makes me cry. Last time it happened was when Chick Corea played his Tango at the Molde Festival 2000. Now it happened again – when listening to Frode Berg’s ›Another Song‹. The bossa nova’s simplicity and beauty took me completely, maybe because it came so unexpectedly in its context of a hard-core virtuoso blowing-session."
Erling Wicklund, jazz radio producer
“Very cool sense of harmony and your technique is quite impressive. On top of that you can do the same s**t on acoustic as well. Damn man! I hope we meet soon so I can attempt to break your fingers!"
Matthew Garrison

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