CD 2017
Shinichi Kato and Masahiko Sato

Shinichi Kato b / Masahiko Sato p  
01 A Song For Jack  
02 Bass Folk Song  
03 Blues For Pluto  
04 Clouds In Green  
05 Dr. R  
06 Old Diary  
07 Smiling Sunlight  
08 Something Close To Love  
09 Too Little Tenderness  
10 You Are In My Thoughts  
11 You May Be Asked For 

Listening to these performances, you obviously notice Shinichi Kato and Masahiko Sato are creating music in an area that goes beyond the boundary of jazz. They are master improvisers who are free from genres and well versed with every single music form ... Needless to state, 'Duet' is an impassioned celebration of the musical spirit, the musicians also propagate an idyllic perspective throughout.

Price 14.99 EURO


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