CD 2043
Easy To Remember
Ken Peplowski

Ken Peplowski - clarinet, tenor sax
Joe Cohn - guitar
Ted Rosenthal - piano
Joe Fitzgerald - bass
Jeff Brillinger - drums

Special Guests
Bobby Short - vocals, piano on # 01
Kim Liggett - vocals on # 11

01. It's Easy To Remember  
02. Restless  
03. Copi  
04. With Every Breath I Take  
05. Louisa  
06. Everything I Love  
07. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face  
08. Single Petal Of A Rose  
09. Love Came  
10. Good Old Days  
11. Junk  
12. Smoke Rings  
13. High On You (bonus track)  
Recorded on October 27, 2003 at Nola
Recording Studios, New York, by Jim Czak.

"Making a record is, for me at least, never a casual affair. It involves a long, almost year-long process of finding songs that are new to me, revisiting some ‘old friends’, calling up some favors from my composing colleagues and throwing in some last-minute surprises." - Ken Peplowski

In numerous rave reviews, critics have exalted Ken Peplowski as the epitome of jazz traditionalism. But repeated listenings of his work reveals that Peplowski is perhaps more experimental and diverse than some have described him. It is worth noting that while Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw and Ben Webster are strong inspirations, Ken has also recorded songs by Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane and even The Beatles.

"A lot of jazz musicians are strangely conservative in their tastes," Peplowski says. "They'll tell you, 'I only listen to jazz recorded before 1960, and I never listen to rock.' But to me, that's such a loss. You're depriving yourself of so much. And I don't want to deprive myself. I want to be honest with myself and at the same time, continue to throw myself into unfamiliar, challenging situations."

"I don't want to stay inside a comfort zone. I want to take risks, try out new things and experiment,” he adds. “And with albums like Lost In The Stars and Easy To Remember, I'm confident that I'm doing exactly that."
All About

In the 2003 Down Beat Readers Poll 2003 Ken Peplowski won at # 3 clarinet.

"It's Easy To Remember" has always been one of my favorite songs – a perfect marriage of lyrics and melody, and sung by a man who understands both (probably more than any other living male singer) -Bobby Short. I have had the good fortune to work with Bobby quite often in recent years, and he surprised me one night at the Café Carlyle by asking me to join him on a rendition of "It's Easy To Remember" very much like the one you're listening to on this record, as this is only the second time we've performed it together - I've been waiting for this moment to put it onto CD, so we've purposely not performed, or even rehearsed it, in the interim.
Thanks, Bobby, for your gracious presence in the studio - you are the best friend a song ever had!
Ken Peplowski
NYC Feb. 20, 2004

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