CD 2079
Tobi Hofmann

Tobi Hofmann - hohner organ
Ulrich Wangenheim - tenor sax
Dieter Holesch - guitar
Ludwig Leininger - bass
Gabriel Hahn - drums
01 Whisper Not  
02 Make It Easy On Yourself  
03 Diamonds Are Forever  
04 I Can’t Get No Satisfaction  
05 Dreamer (Vivo Sonhando)  
06 Sally’s Tomato  
07 Shades  
08 Boogie Woogie Bossa Nova  
09 Likschasch  
10 Spinning Wheel  
11 Club Europa  
12 Theme from The I.P.C.R.E.S.S. File  
13 Summer Samba  
14 Das Lied Von Der Unzulänglichkeit Menschlichen Strebens  
15 Groovin’ High  
Recorded February 1 & 2, 2006 at Realistic Sound, Munich.

Who is Tobi Hofmann? What is Tobi Hofmann? A musician? An actor? Or a composer? Who knows… But what would you expect of somebody who seems to have so many interests? Please expect nothing but the out of ordinary!

For this fantastic recording Tobi Hofmann purchased an old and very, very cheap organ at ebay, asked some of his best friends in music to come over and together they started playing some old all-time classics: famous Bossa-Nova-Tunes, Jazz and even Rock-Songs!

Here is ‘EASY’. The name is program. Sit back, relax and don´t forget: life´s great!

Tobi Hofmann is not the kind of artist, that works in just one field for the rest of his life. If you take a short look at his biography you will rather find a lot of different interests.

Tobi studied jazz-composition with Rob Pronk at the conservatory of Rotterdam/NL and acting at the famous theatre school "Ernst Busch" in Berlin/Germany. Today he works as an actor and stage musician for big German theatres, such as Hamburger Schauspielhaus, Staatsschauspiel Dresden and many more.

As a musician, he performs in many different musical formations. He worked together with upcoming talents of the young German jazz-scene, such as Christian Elsässer, Andreas Kurz, Ulrich Wangenheim, Olaf Schönborn and many more. He is the trumpet-playing leader of the ‘Tobi Hofmann Quintet’, for which he also does a lot of composing. I addition he composed the soundtracks for several award-winning TV documentary films. And the fact that he plays not only one instrument, makes him a hot candidate for jam-sessions around his home Munich/Bavaria.

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