CD 107
Good Night, Travel Well
The Antti Sarpila Quintet

Antti Sarpila - clarinet, tenor sax, soprano sax
Eddie Erickson - guitar, vocals
Chris Hopkins - piano
Ingmar Heller - bass
Jake Hanna - drums

01 Rose Room     
02 Lesterity    
03 Indian Summer     
04 Maple Leaf Rag     
05 Garner's Error     
06 The Song Is You     
07 Shawinism     
08 When I Grow Too Old To Dream     
09 Earl's Court     
10 Tea For Two    
11 So Danco Samba     
12 Passion Flower     
13 Bouncing At Birdland

Recorded on February 12, 2005 at Birdland Jazzclub, Hamburg.

Listen to the music at bandcamp:

Victor Young’s beautiful song ›A Hundred Years From Today‹ always brings the hard fact to my mind that we still have enough kisses ›to pass them around‹ but not too much of a chance, though, to do so. The tune, sung here by Eddie Erickson also reminds me that most of us will be well and truly forgotten in a hundred years time. Or even earlier! However, Antti Sarpila’s performances on this recording suggest that there may still be hope that this music we all love so much will survive and never be forgotten.

To put it simply – audiences loved the band. They liked their light swing, their great ideas, their artistry and their humour. The band had fun all the way, enjoyed being together and playing together, and the audience soon sensed that spirit and reacted to it in a very positive way.

The House was packed to capacity and it was very hot in the club. The band was hot, too. To see the beaming faces of the audience and to hear their joyous reaction at the end of a great solo or at the end of a tune, made all the time and effort involved in organising the concert and tour worthwhile. So, for those of you who were unable to attend the concert, here is the recording. Since everything went so well, we decided to release the entire concert over two albums (so don't miss Volume One).
Manfred Selchow, February 2006

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