CD 2045
Heaven And Earth
Robert Stewart

Dr. Robert Stewart: tenor saxophone and
drums (on # 13)
Glen Pearson: piano
Ron Belcher: bass
Bill Norwood: drums & vocals
01 Children of Light  
02 Make Me A Believer  
03 Heaven and Earth (Prelude)  
04 Heaven and Earth  
05 Send In The Clowns  
06 The Gardens  
07 The Other Side Of The World  
08 Resolution  
09 A Tear For The World  
10 That's The Way Of The World  
11 The Innocent Ones  
12 Here's To Life  
13 Peace Within  
Recorded on August 27, 2003 at Coast Studios,
San Francisco.

On his Nagel Heyer debut tenor saxophonist Robert Stewart proves that both his compositional integrity and his technical command of the saxophone have surpassed those skills previously presented on his recordings ‘In the Gutta’ (1996) and ‘The Force’ (1998) with the Qwest label.

Robert Stewart has recorded and toured extensively with Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, and is featured on the only jazz recording ever to win a Pulitzer Prize, Wynton Marsalis' Blood of the Fields. Marsalis confirms that Stewart is "truly a unique voice on the saxophone in this day," and fellow sax player, former President Bill Clinton raves "Robert Stewart is amazing!"

Though Oakland, California-based tenor saxophonist Robert Stewart was 17 years old before he picked up a horn, he has managed to present some of the best bop of the decade. Stewart virtually taught himself the tools of the trade by immersing himself in the works of John Coltrane, Ben Webster and Sidney Bechet. While jammin' at Laney College, he met his mentor Pharaoh Sanders, a fellow student and superior player. Following graduation, he landed a spot in the Wynton Marsalis orchestra and appeared on two albums, They Came to Swing and Blood on the Fields, a Pulitzer prize-winner. His solo debut, Judgement appeared in 1993 on Independent World Stage Recordings.

“You don’t just hear Robert, you feel him!”
– Max Roach

“I knew that the spirit was strong with him the first time that i heard him.”
– Pharoah Sanders

“Perhaps the most important young artist to come along in decades.”
– Billy Higgins

“Robert Stewart is one of the best of the young players that I have heard.”
– Dizzy Gillespie

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