CD 2094

Chinaza - vocals
Sebastian Weiss - piano, Fender Rhodes
Kai Brückner - guitars
Oliver Potratz - double bass
Björn Werra - electric bass
Alfred Mehnert - percussion
Heinz Lichius - drums
Emanuel Hauptmann - drums (track 5)

01 Our Dream            
02 Four Women
03 Every Moment
04 Small Wonder    
05 They Stood Up For Love    
06 Wohin?    
07 Wouldn't It Be Good
08 L'Ogba    
09 Cry Me A River    
10 Still Waiting    
11 Life's What You Make It    

Recorded April - June 2009 at Greve Studio, Berlin.
Mixed September 2009 - August 2010 at Blue Noise Studio, Hamburg.

During a longer stay in her home country Nigeria, Africa, Chinaza decided that her next album should deal with something that is really important in her life: home – and especially the search for home. Immediately she started writing songs about this affair of the heart trying to convert impressions of the African life into musically pictures, sending the listener the dust and wind and sun and love of her beloved motherland Nigeria. So Home starts where her debut Changes ended in 2006.

Back to Germany Chinaza and her co-partner and pianist, Sebastian Weiss, brought together a fabulous band to record these new songs – plus others co-written by Sebastian. The result is a wonderful album that combines their originals with compositions by other artists – Nina Simone, Live, Nik Kershaw or Talk Talk – to bring out something bigger and more coloured.

But does Chinaza finally found her home? This is at least a legitimate question, as she also sings in the song ‘They Stood Up For Love’ ambiguous:

They made it to the moon
but they can’t make it home

To be honest we aren’t able to answer this question in total. But perhaps it is as simple as the song continues:

Maybe home is where the heart is…

"If i can make it, you’ll gonna make it, too."
Norah Jones, New York City, November 2001

"Jazzfantasies with a bit of sentimentality ... Chinaza has a very expressive voice ... the songs are musically paintings ..." Freundin

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