CD 2031
How Sweet It Is
Loren Stillman Quartet

Loren Stillman as / Russ Lossing p
Scott Lee b / Jeff Hirshfield dr
01 Between The Devil And God  
02 Happy  
03 Meat  
04 Chicken  
05 How Sweet It Is  
06 Meat Snake  
07 Darling Clementine  
08 Chasing The White Rabbit  
Recorded in New York City on May 15, 2001.

"His future, in my opinion, is so bright it’s almost blinding. If he follows that light through, we will benefit from his creative exploration along with him … I love this beautiful world of music we live in. It has given us another wondrous gift: Loren Stillman."
– Joe Lovano

"It is clear when listening, that Loren’s talent and diligence has produced a remarkably mature musician. I believe that much of his playing on this disc is as rich and evocative as that of many of the great altoists, regardless of their age."
– Ted Nash

"There is no question that with the right direction, Loren will make his mark in the near future."
– Dave Liebman

"Loren Stillman, a 21-year old from Croton-on-Hudson, NY, hears it [jazz] as a rare, exotic form whose notes inflate and wilt and trill, almost a kind of meditation on texture."
– Ben Ratliff
NY Times 2/2002

"Loren’s the kind of musician who’ll answer all of his questions about music by playing sax and writing music of his own."
– Dick Oatts

"This sure doesn't sound much like a fluke, but a legitimate entry into the jazz world, and a much needed shot of very new blood. This kid is almost scary."
– JazzBeat

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