CD 2107
Alessandro Carabelli Music Ensemble with Flavio Boltro

Alessandro Carabelli - piano
Flavio Boltro - trumpet
Tino Tracanna - saxophones
Luciano Zadro - guitar
Marco Conti - double bass
Maxx Furian - drums

01 Index
02 Dig it
05 Starlet
06 Living Materials
07 Indaco
09 Circle
10 Le Onde di Albi
11 Gold and Blues
12 Next Life
13 Parallel Universes
14 Goodnight Mrs. Giuliana

Recorded on February 11, 12 and 14, 2017 at MC Studio, Gavirate (VA), Italy.
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Marco Conti

The Sound of Summer

One of Italy’s leading jazz pianists with his brand new album. This time he is joined by trumpet star Flavio Boltro.
The six innovative and engaging Italian musicians create an airy, open feel for another. The material - all original - is light and lyrical. The 14 tracks are relaxing and thoughtful and full of genial energy. Expect nothing less than consistently delicious music, expertly played.
Alessandro Carabelli is a jazz pianist and composer with a background in the fields of classical music, jazz music, music history, harmony and composition and over fifteen years experience as a performer in international jazz events.

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