CD 2025
Inside Out
Randy Sandke and the Inside Out Jazz Collective

Randy Sandke ldr, tp, flh / Scott Robinson ss, bars, cbs, fl, bcl, theremin / Marty Ehrlich ss, cl, bcl, afl / Ken Peplowski cl, ts / Ray Anderson tb / Wycliffe Gordon tb / Uri Caine p / Greg Cohen b / Dennis Mackrel dr

01 Like I Said  
02 Creole Love Call  
03 Simple Pleasure  
04 Comet Call  
05 Whispers In The Night  
06 Sisyphus Effect  
07 Inside Out  
08 Plumbing The Depths  
09 Sforzando (for Blair and Carol Brown)  
10 D.T.  
11 Sam Bone  
12 Trapianti Di Scimmia

Recorded in New York City on January 17 and 18, 2000.

Caution! This is not a swinging mainstream album. This is mainstream meets the new music. Enjoy twelve pieces shaped by nine talented men who are clearly making the kind of music they want to make. The leader is trumpeter / composer / arranger / music theorist Randy Sandke. "It was important," Sandke says, "that everyone be a writer as well as a player." The pleasure here is in the details. "Sandke still wants it all: past, present, and his idea of what the music's future could or should be. And with the collaboration of eight other gifted player-composers, I think he's managed to get it," says author Lawrence Kart. "If you care about music's future and want to know where the real innovators are, put Randy Sandke at the top of the list."

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