CD 094
It’s So Nice It Must Be Illegal!
Ralph Sutton

Ralph Sutton - piano, vocals
Michael Silva - drums
01 Introduction by Ralph Sutton  
02 Honeysuckle Rose  
03 Love Lies  
04 Echoes Of Spring  
05 Everything Happens To Me  
06 My Blue Heaven  
07 Medley: Squeeze Me, Ain’t Misbehavin’  
08 S’Posin’ 3.45  
09 Medley: Sophisticated Lady, I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart, Ring Dem Bells 6.41  
10 Vipers Drag  
11* Just One Of Those Things  
12* I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter  

Recorded on November 27, 1988 live at Espace Jean Vilar, Amilly, France.  
*Bonus Tracks from the afternoon rehearsal during the microphone-set up.

One magic moment. In a French small town that hardly some one knows. With two musicians who haven’t played together before. That’s not possible? It is possible! But it doesn’t happen often…

“The best Sutton I've ever heard...!'” Manfred Selchow, Jazz Author

»You know, these scenes never happen every day...« By those words, Ralph Sutton – obviously happy and moved – evoked what was happening during that late afternoon concert on Sunday, November 27, 1988.

»My first introduction to Michael Silva was a few minutes ago... we’ve never played together.« That was true, but once again jazz worked miracles and produced a moment of pure magic, a concert whose exceptional atmosphere – full of relaxation, happiness and sheer enjoyment – strikes all those who have heard the recording.

»We’ve got a new team, a new Fric and Frac!« shouted Ralph to Michael between two tunes. Actually the team did work since the very first second. At the end of the concert, an obviously-moved member of the audience told me – and that’s his very words: »Monsieur, I am 82, I have been a musician all my life, but I didn’t know such music existed. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to discover it.«

This recording attests what happened on that night. Even if you know all the recordings of Ralph Sutton, even if you have twenty versions of Echoes Of Spring or Honeysuckle Rose you will hear him like never before. Thanks to Nagel Heyer Records, we are pleased to share this moment of bliss with all the fans of Ralph Sutton, who are so numerous all over the world, as he charmed all those who approached him and listened to him.

Jean-Marc Berličre, Hot Club du Gâtinais

Michael Silva was for a long time Sammy Davis Jr’s drummer. Before the concert Ralph Sutton politely asked: »Who’s this Silva? Is he Portuguese?«... Burst of laughter... »Not really, he was born at Harlem General Hospital!« – »Oh Harlem... I see!«

"I can't think of anybody who's better than Ralph Sutton." Bing Crosby

“Ralph Earl Sutton is without a doubt the greatest exponent today of the two hands and ten fingers style of jazz piano playing ... undoubtedly one of the best pianists in jazz today ... he swings ... tremendous personal beat and drive...” Ralph Gleason, San Francisco Chronicle

“…one of the few jazz pianists who had complete mastery of his instrument. Sutton plays with both hands and ten fingers, a full harmonic sense and a delightful wit in his solos. He can swing a band, too.” Andre Previn

“...Sutton, a stubborn, dedicated perfectionist, committed to playing his own kind of piano, which is not just stride or ragtime, not just modern or traditional, not just solo or accompanist, but all those things and more.” Stephen Singular, Denver Post:

Here are some comments from fellow musicians:

"He's probably the strongest two-handed pianist I've ever heard." --Yank Lawson

"He always plays the right things behind me, and he's just sensational as a soloist." --Peanuts Hucko

"He's a complete musician - even plays Chopin, Brahms, and Bach beautifully." --Teddy Wilson

"I'm glad to have passed through this life - just to have met Ralph Sutton." --Milt Hinton

"Jazz had to be your own invention or it isn't jazz. What Ralph did was do his own improvisations on the older music. It wasn't just note-for-note re-creations." --Dick Hyman

"When he would get going on something like Honky-Tonk Train, he would have people leaping out of their seats" --Kenny Davern

"He'd get that style going on any tune that was romping along, but he had the sensitivity to be a good backup." --Ed Polcer

"It's easy to hear why he had such an impact on musicians and critics alike. In addition to strength, accuracy and swing, his playing possessed a naturalness and sense of inevitability that marked him as a star from the first. And then of course there was his 'Fastness'". --Dick Wellstood  

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