CD 066
Jammin' At The IAJRC Convention Hamburg 1999
Engelbert Wrobel, Frank Roberscheuten, Chris Hopkins

Engelbert Wrobel / Frank Roberscheuten / Chris Hopkins /Harvey Weston / Bobby Worth  
01 You Do Something To Me  
02 Can't Help Lovin' That Man  
03 Rose Room  
04 I Can't Get Started  
05 Robbin's Nest  
06 Smiles  
07 When I Grow Too Old To Dream  
08 Mama Inez  
09 I Surrender Dear  
10 You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me  
11 I Can't Believe That You Are In Love With Me  
12 Candlelights  
13 El Salon De Gutbucket

"I am more than satisfied with the product. I myself am amazed what this band, whose musicians just gathered several minutes before, has spontaneously achieved. I hope all listeners will share my opinion." Engelbert Wrobel

Price 14.99 EURO


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