CD 2073
Keep On Rollin’ – A Tribute To Sonny Rollins
Denis Gäbel

Denis Gäbel - tenor sax
Jasper Blom - tenor sax
Henning Gailing - bass
Hendrik Smock - drums
1 Freedom Suite, Part 1  
2 Freedom Suite, Interlude  
3 Freedom Suite, Part 2  
4 Freedom Suite, Interlude  
5 Freedom Suite, Part 3  
6 Way Out West  
7 I’m An Old Cowhand  
8 Come, Gone  
9 Freedom Suite, Part 2 (Bonus Track)  
Recorded on November 14, 2005 at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum, Netherlands.

“Denis Gäbel has perfectly captured the spirit of the master saxophonist Sonny Rollins on his expertly crafted recording ‘Keep On Rollin’’. That he does so while maintaining his individuality
is no minor accomplishment. I was quite impressed with his big sound, loose phrasing and overall confidence. After listening to this fresh outing from him, I'm left with the impression that this is the start of a wonderful career for this talented saxophonist. To quote a theme song that I used to play with Sonny, Denis – ‘Don't Stop The Carnival’."
Mark Soskin
(pianist in Sonny Rollins' Band for 15 years)

In 2005, Sonny Rollins turned 75. Within the past 50 Years, the master of the tenor saxophone has created a unique style. Jazz history could not be imagined without it. Without Sonny Rollins, music would sound different today.

In the late 50's, he was working only with bass and drums in his bands. With the harmony instrument missing, a completely new rough sound came into existence. Using this instrument line-up, Rollins made many legendary recordings. The records ‘Way out West’ (1957) and ‘Freedom Suite’ (1958) are recognized as milestones.

The Denis Gäbel Trio has recorded songs of these two albums on its first CD. The Dutch saxophonist Jasper Blom joined the project as a special guest. In November 2005, the musicians met for the recording session at the famous Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum (NL), to record everything live in just one afternoon. The fantastic thing about Rollin's compositions is that they leave great freedom to the soloists. Therefore ’Keep on Rollin’’ is not just a flat copy of the original recordings, but more so an innovative, swingin' tribute to the grand master.

“He plays with so much imagination and wonderfully builds up his solos! His technique is tremendous! Denis stands above the matter!” Han Reizinger

“He is a real band leader. You need a vision, a strong feel for sound, structure and presentation for that. Denis seems to have it all.” Yuri Honing

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