CD 9031
Live In Belfast Vol. 2 (Extended)
Frank Tate, Harry Allen, Howard Alden, Dave McKenna, Butch Miles

Frank Tate - bass
Harry Allen - tenor sax
Howard Alden - guitar
Dave McKenna - piano
Butch Miles - drums
01 The Way You Look Tonight    
02 Comes Love    
03 Life Is Better
04 It's Alright With Me     
05 Once I Loved    
06 Motoring Along     
07 Belfast Rendezvous          
08 Indiana
09 Emily (Bonus Track)    
10 Holiday In The Sun (Bonus Track)    
11 Passion Flower (Bonus Track)     
12 September Song (Bonus Track)    
13 Ol' Man River (Bonus Track)    
14 Goodnight Belfast (Bonus Track)

Recorded 1996 live in Belfast, North Ireland.

"I had been to Belfast on six occasions prior to this concert/recording date, and had heard all about what the folks in Northern Ireland refer to us 'the troubles'. Well, on these November nights the 'troubles' seemed a million miles away." Frank Tate

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