CD 2101
Live in Europe
Jin Pureum Quartet

Jin Pureum - alto sax
Paul Kirby - piano
Martin Zenker - bass
Kim Minchan - drums

1. Francisco
2. These Are Soulful Days
3. Adam’s Apple
4. Stardust
5. If You Want Joy
6. Glass Eyes
7. Lotus Blossom
8. Holy Land
9. Fiesta Espanola

Recorded on July 27, 2012 at Künstlerwerkstatt Paffenhofen by Panorama Tonstudio.

She was young when she decided to play Jazz. She was inspired by John Coltrane and his music. She took Coltrane’s instrument, the saxophone, and worked hard on it. She took her chance to study at prestigious Kyung Hee University in Seoul. Now, some years later, she still is young. But she is, already now, one of the most dynamic members of the Jazz scene in Seoul. Some years ago, nobody would talk about Jazz from Korea. Today, (South-)Korea is one of the hottest spots on the global Jazz map. Jin Pureum plays a leading role in this uprising Jazz spot. It is not by chance that the Korean magazine Jazzpeople voted her „rising star“ in 2012. With this new album Jin Pureum shows her musical skills and interests, located in fine contemporary Jazz and its fine tunes and compositions.
Nabil Atassi, Journalist

Korean German Jazz Exchange with Jin Pureum (and many others...)
The JazzKorea Festival / Nov 28th - Dec 8th 2013:

28.11.2013  Grafing/Jazz Grafing with Supersax Korea
29.11.2013  Diessen/Musiksalon with Supersax Korea
30.11.2013  Diessen/Musiksalon with Supersax Korea
01.12.2013  Reutlingen/WOB with Supersax Korea
01.12.2013  Frankfurt/Jewish Museum with Supersax Korea
02.12.2013  Pforzheim/Domicile with Supersax Korea
03.12.2013  Frankfurt/Jazzkeller with Jin Pureum Quartet
04.12.2013  Unterfahrt/Munich with Supersax Korea
05.12.2013  Unterfahrt/Munich with Jin Pureum Quartet
06.12.2013  Reutlingen/WOB with Jin Pureum Quartet
07.12.2013  Korean Culture Center/Berlin with Jin Pureum Quartet
08.12.2013  Korean Culture Center/Berlin with Supersax Korea

Supersax Korea: Jin Pureum (as) | Im Dalkyun (ts) | Kim Jeeseok (as) | Michael Lutzeier (bts) | Paul Kirby (p) | Martin Zenker (b) | Kim Minchan (dr)

Price 14.99 EURO


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