CD 2087
Love Call – Impressions Of Ellington
Denis Gäbel

Denis Gaebel - tenor sax
Jasper Blom - tenor sax (1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13)
Pablo Held - piano
Henning Gailing - bass
Hendrik Smock - drums
01 Intro: Virgin Jungle  
02 Chelsea Bridge  
03 Mount Harissa  
04 Perdido  
05 Prelude To A Kiss  
06 Interlude: Virgin Jungle  
07 Blue Goose  
08 Skin Deep  
09 African Flower  
10 Interlude: Virgin Jungle  
11 Peggy’s Blue Skylight  
12 Black And Tan Fantasy / Creole Love Call / The Mooche  
13 Outro: Virgin Jungle  
Recorded on December 16 and 17, 2008 at Maarweg Studios, Köln.

“Denis Gäbel plays with so much imagination and wonderfully builds up his solos! His technique is tremendous! Denis stands above the matter!” Han Reizinger

“He is a real band leader. You need a vision, a strong feel for sound, structure and presentation for that. Denis seems to have it all.” Yuri Honing

Denis Gaebel (Gäbel) is a Cologne based saxophone-player. He has studied music on institutes such as the 'Conservatory of Amsterdam' and the 'Manhattan School of Music', NYC. In 2006 his first CD as a leader ‘Keep on Rollin’’ was released on nagel heyer records. This recording which features along with Denis, Jasper Blom on Tenor Sax, Henning Gailing on Bass and Hendrik Smock on Drums is a celebration of Sonny Rollins' 50s trio music.

It gained some international attention:

“What a fantastic tribute to Sonny Rollins, and a very personal one at that!“
Laurence Donohue-Greene (All About Jazz-New York)

“...You’d be hard pressed to find musicians more in thrall of early Rollins...
They capture the spur-of-the-moment air that’s so important to the act of improvisation, and which I too seldom encounter in the work of young jazz musicians...“ Chris Kelsey (saxophonist)

“Denis Gaebel has perfectly captured the spirit of the master saxophonist Sonny Rollins on his expertly crafted recording ‘Keep On Rollin’’. That he does so while maintaining his individuality
is no minor accomplishment. I was quite impressed with his big sound, loose phrasing and overall confidence. After listening to this fresh outing from him, I'm left with the impression that this is the start of a wonderful career for this talented saxophonist. To quote a theme song that I used to play with Sonny, Denis – ‘Don't Stop The Carnival’."
Mark Soskin (pianist in Sonny Rollins' Band for 15 years)

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