CD 2081
Thomas Faist

Thomas Faist - alto sax
Johannes Faber - trumpet
Walter Lang - piano
Thomas Stabenow - bass
Rick Hollander - drums
1 Hi Jack  
2 Disappearing  
3 Frozen Flowers  
4 This Type Of Guy  
5 Me-We  
6 Is That Love  
7 Thanks For Your Beauty  
8 Fastone  
9 Strange  
Recorded on June 3 and 4, 2007 at Pirouet Studio, München, by Jason Seizer.

If you like the alto sax, Thomas Faist's the man for you. It's hard, no impossible to believe this guy isn’t better known in the jazz community yet, although one knows it's only a matter of time. ME-WE is in my humble opinion his finest offering yet, a wonderful blend of Modern and Mainstream that has you drifting off into a dream one minute and tapping your feet the next. Influences such as Charlie Parker, Grover Washington Jr. and David Sanborn are apparent, but who haven’t those guys influenced? All in all a great album which has left me eagerly anticipating his next offering.

“Faist presents modern-mainstream originals on a high level with a wonderful balanced and tasteful interacting quintet … the mood is set for ballads underlined through Faist’s softly fluent and discreet articulating alto-sound … overall an elegant and absolute piece of timeless music.”
Jazz thing, June 2008

Thomas Faist - saxophone und composition – was born 1957 in Munich, Germany. He studied at the Konservatorium Wien, Jazzschool Munich and Berklee College of Music, Boston.

Faist performed together with Joe Haider, Larry Porter, Etta Cameron, Harry Sokal, Roberta die Goia, Paul Grabovsky, Albert Magelsdorf, Jenny Clark, Franc St. Peter, Al Cohn, Clark Terry, Sal Nistico, Billy Elgart, Leszec Zadlo, Alan Preskin, John Schröder, Dusko Goykovich, Fritz Pauer, Monty Waters, Charly Mariano, James Morrison, Alan Harris, Herb Geller, Bert Joris, Sam Rivers, Toni Lakatos and Bill Fresell while touring countries like Peru, Bolivia, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, France, USA and Germany of course.

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