CD 115
My Romance - Live in Dublin 1987
Danny Moss

Danny Moss - tenor sax
with various Irish musicians

01 East Of The Sun     
02 Indiana     
03 Then I'll Be Tired Of You     
04 Drop Me Off In Harlem     
05 The Jeep Is Jumpin'     
06 My Romance    
07 Cherry     
08 Dublin Ballad     
09 Broadway      
10 Dublin Blues

Recorded live 1987 in Dublin.

This is a disc full of music that will never grow old and, when played, will always cause those goosebumps to rise. Few tenor saxophonists could create that amount of drama in their playing. Danny Moss was an absolute master of such things and this recording is all the proof you will need. As thrilling a jazz record you are likely to find.

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