CD 2048
Night Call
Marc Copland with Greg Osby

Greg Osby - alto saxophone
Marc Copland - piano
01 Autumn Wind  
02 Cyrille In Motion  
03 Echoes Of Another  
04 Night Call  
05 Ciré  
06 Skippin' Around  
07 A Time Ago  
08 Forge  
09 Soul Eyes  
Recorded on November 4, 2003 at Nola Studios, New York City.

This album is about night and day. It's about controversy. It's about Marc and Greg. It's about friendship. As Marc says: "Special thanks to Greg for being such a great partner in the search for the unexpected. It's my good fortune to know you." And Greg replies: "Special thanks to Marc for functioning as the perfect one-man-band support mechanism. I'm grateful for your friendship."

The follow-up to Marc Copland and Greg Osby's critically acclaimed 2003 release 'Round and Round'.

"There can be no middle ground when it comes to the duo format; it either succeeds eloquently or fails miserably. With Marc Copland and Greg Osby - piano and alto sax, respectively - the synergy is so all-embracing, they seem to be joined at the hip. (Extremely hip.) Not to imply that there's an overload of unison. On the contrary: usually within a specific framework, scale or mode, or plain old-fashioned changes, they go their separate ways, yet they remain tethered. And therein lies the beauty of round and round. Throughout the five Copland originals, three by Osby and one standard, there are only fleeting moments of formal solo statements. Even when the focus is obviously on the piano, Osby is still exploring, usually by contributing back-up comments with his diaphanous comping. His tone, often sotto voce, is at times reminiscent of Paul Desmond - but only in timbre; Osby's ideas are light years beyond."
- Harvey Siders, Jazz Times

"Copland's playing demonstrates an obscure sense of romanticism; nowhere near as obvious as many of his sources, he has been developing a style that is harmonically imaginative yet completely engaging and soothing to the ear ... Round and Round is another fine recording from a pianist who is gradually developing a reputation but has yet to make the leap into more broad exposure. Clearly, on the strength of this recording, Copland deserves a larger audience. Surely, with beautifully recorded albums such as this that demonstrate a consistent yet evolving conception, and an outstanding ability to work with a rich variety of artists like Osby, the time will come when Copland is recognized as the artist of consequence that he truly is."
- John Kelman;

"CD of the Month" - Jazzman

"Impressive performances that stay with the listener ... a wonderful recording."
- Jazz Review

"Disc of excitement ... a set free of stylistic clichés, that never seems to stop searching for - and finding - itself." - Jazz Magazine

"A little masterpiece ... unbelievable imagination, a lesson in harmonic drama." - Jazz Podium

"Excellent." - Stereoplay

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