CD 2042
Not The Same
Benny Lackner Trio

Benny Lackner - piano, fender rhodes, nordelectro, nordlead 2, hohner pianet
Derek Nievergelt - accustic bass, electric bass
Robert Perkins - drums, percussion
01 99 Luftballons  
02 Will It Matter  
03 Umlaut  
04 If Six Was Nine  
05 Not The Same  
06 Moanin'  
07 Bushisms  
08 Bemsha Swing  
09 Riverman  
10 Red Hook  
11 Sheep's Dog  
12 Cherokee  
13 Monday Morning  
Recorded on February 7, 2003 and July 14, 2003 at Talkin' Loud Studios, Brooklyn, New York City.

"Recommended New Release" suggested in the free monthly guide to the New York Jazz Scene "All About Jazz" in the October issue No. 30 on page 4 by David Adler, NY@Night Columnist,

The Benny Lackner Trio is a groove based group that reinvents standards while mostly focusing on original material. They incorporate a lot of modern elements like drum and base and hip hop beats, as well as eclectic percussion and bass sounds. Benny Lackner plays acoustic piano, fender rhodes, nord electro (b3 organ), nordlead 2, hohner pianet with a lot of effect pedals like distortion, wha and chorus. His main concern is to make jazz accessible to as many people as possible while still remaining true to the jazz piano trio.

"Lackner and his companions have hit upon an unclassifiable, uncontrived sound with an appeal that could reach beyond the jazz arena. ...They fashion music that's equal parts melodic jazz, indie rock and edgy downtown improv ... (and) knit far-flung sources into a seamless and innovative fabric."
- David Adler, Downbeat

Born in Berlin, Benny Lackner was raised on American folk songs and blues by his California native father. Upon moving to America at 13, his jazz drummer uncle (Tom Lackner) introduced him to the world of jazz. Benny went on to study with pianist Brad Mehldau, to perform at the Monterey and the Montreux jazz festivals, and to play with artists such as the late Billy Higgins and Pheeroan akLaff, Marc Ribot and Brad Shepik.

The debut album of the Benny Lackner Trio includes never heard before (jazz) versions of songs by Jimi Hendrix (If Six Was Nine), Nick Drake (Riverman), Nena (99 Luftballons), Thelonious Monk (Bemsha Swing), Charles Mingus
(Moanin') and others. Don't miss the opportunity to hear the future today!

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