CD 2074

Axel Schlosser – trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet
Steffen Weber – tenor sax
Rainer Böhm – piano
Arne Huber – bass
Lars Binder – drums
01 Nürnberg  
02 What Is This Thing Called Love  
03 Starsearch  
04 Donkey Race  
05 Lost In Fargau  
06 Sun Odyssey 4551  
07 Ice Cream  
08 Sidewinder  
09 Tagwache  
10 Vogel  
11 Cat Of Pray  
12 Tomorrow  
Recorded in August 2005 at Tonstudio Klangküche, Stuttgart, by Torsten Krill.

Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik 2007  
"This CD is extremely well thought out in it's form, from beginning to end. It is not just a bunch of compositions just thrown together. It is truly a journey of the heart and mind.

What impresses me most about the band is the fact that these guys move from mood to mood effortlessly and are not afraid to try anything. Also the compositions and arrangements (most are by Rainer Böhm, but also Steffen Weber's and Axel Schlosser's) are extremely original and inventive and fit like a glove together – this is truly a “band”. Those who say there is nothing new or adventurous in 21st century jazz should check out this CD. All involved are absolutely first rate well-trained artists who at a young age have already found their inner voices both playing-wise and compositionally. Quite amazing indeed.

I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from everyone involved!"

Randy Brecker
New York, November 2006

Price 14.99 EURO


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