CD 2039
Pure Love ­ Um Amor Tão Puro
Zona Sul

Sophie Wegener voc / Tizian Jost p
Pedro Tagliani g / Sava Medan b
Hajo v. Hadeln dr

01 The Waters Of March  
02 O Cantador  
03 Dans Mon Île  
04 Dreamer  
05 Falando De Amor  
06 Eu Vim Da Bahia  
07 Chovendo Na Roseira  
08 If You Never Come To Me  
09 Estrada Do Sol  
10 Bonita  
11 Estate  
12 Retrato Em Branco E Preto  
13 Dorme Profundo  
14 - Bonustrack: Águas De Março  
15 - Bonustrack: Vivo Sonhando  
16 - Bonustrack: Inútil Paisagem  
Recorded at Realistic Sound, München,
on January 28 and 29, 2003.

"Bossa nova is the youngest child of traditional samba, who had an affair with jazz... it’s more a look than a kiss; more tenderness than passion; more a note than a message."
Vinicius de Moraes
poet, musician, diplomat and lyricist of the best known bossa nova ever, ‘The girl from Ipanema’

Zona Sul:
1. Southern part of Rio de Janeiro, including Ipanema and Copacabana; birthplace of the bossa nova.
2. Band dedicated to the bossa nova; first recording: pure love - um amor tão puro.

Sophie, she told me she loved two things: music and languages. Born to a French mother and a German father, she grew up in a bilingual household. After having lived in Paris, London and New York she settled down in Munich and started singing professionally. At first she concentrated on jazz
standards, but a trip to Brazil turned out to be so inspiring that she decided to work on a bossa nova repertoire. She looked for the best musicians to catch the Brazilian spirit and founded zona sul. Playing live concerts proved that she had made the right choice. The band was great and the music somehow fitted Sophie’s style, her look and her voice. The audience was astonished. »Are you from Brazil?« people were asking including Brazilians...

On this recording you can hear it all coming together the love of music and singing and the love of languages and foreign cultures. Sophie sings in four different languages English, Portuguese, French and Italian, but most of the songs are in Portuguese. However, to make the recording more
accessible for non-portuguese speakers, she decided to sing several songs in English and to add the original versions as bonus tracks.

Sophie selected some of her favorite songs, most of which happen to be by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Not by coincidence, as he is one of her favorite composers and one of the most prolific Brazilian songwriters.

To Águas de março he wrote both music and lyrics as well as the English version (‘Waters of March’). On this recording Sophie sings it in English and Portuguese.

O Cantador (‘The singer’) by Dori Cayimmi, son of Bahian musical legend Dorival Cayimmi, is about the fate of a singer. »I sing about life and death, I sing about love... I don’t choose my song, I sing about what I see.«

Dans mon île (‘On my island’) by French--Caribbean singer Henri Salvador paints the picture of dolce far’ niente and laid-back island life. »How nice life is on my island. We’re tanning, letting the sun caress us. Underneath the swaying coconut tree, we’re dreaming about our love.« The song was
popular in the pre-bossa nova days of 1950s Rio and some people even consider it the very first bossa nova ever.

Vivo sonhando (‘I live dreaming’) is sung in English as well as Portuguese.

Falando de amor (‘Speaking of love’) is a love song full of longing for the beautiful girl who »walks down this street bathed in sunlight.« She is so wonderful he even forgets about football... »Come closer my love, have no fear and listen to the secrets I have to tell you in this song. If only you
knew how much I love your smell, your flowerlike being, you wouldn’t deny a kiss to this fool in love.«

Eu vim da Bahia means ‘I come from Bahia’ and was written by Gilberto Gil. Bahia is a region in north-eastern Brazil with a strong African influence. »I come from Bahia to tell you many nice things. Bahia, the land I love, my sky, my sea... Bahia, where you can die out of pure joy, dancing samba in the street during nights full of moonshine and songs of the sea.«

Chovendo na roseira (‘It is raining in the rose-garden’) is a 3/4 with again both lyrics and music by Jobim. »Look, it is raining in the rose garden. The freshness of the raindrops... The wind carries away the petals and pure love takes my thoughts for a ride... you can feel spring coming.«

Inútil paisagem can be translated as ‘Useless landscape’ and is sung in English and Portuguese.

Estrada do sol depicts the scene of a morning after: »The sun comes up and the raindrops that fell last night are still shining, dancing... Come take my hand and walk with me down the road of the sun.«

In 1963 Jobim lived in L.A. and fell in love with the American actress Candice Bergen. For her he wrote Bonita (‘Beautiful’) with lyrics in English.

Estate (‘Summer’) is in Italian and was made famous by bossa nova-legend João Gilberto. It is a song about lost love.

Retrato em branco e preto (‘Portrait in black and white’) is another song about loneliness and lost love. »I’ve been down this road before, I know it will lead to nowhere... I can’t fight the spell this love put on me.« Then finally, after all these love songs... yet another love song:

Dorme profundo (‘Sleep tight’) by the composer of ‘Summer samba’, Marcos Valle. »Sleep well, I will watch over you and I won’t go to sleep until you are dreaming... But know, I love you so, I can’t even go to sleep. Sleep my love.«

And now, please let me introduce the band:

On piano: Tizian Jost. An acclaimed jazz-pianist, he has spent a lot of time in Brazil, where he acquired in depth knowledge of Brazilian music. Listen to his lyrical solos on Falando de amor, Chovendo na roseira and Bonita.

Pedro Tagliani, on guitar, is from Brazil and decided to stay in Europe after a tour with his band ‘Raiz de pedra’. He is committed to the groove while being very melodic. He solos on Estate and Estrada do sol.

Sava Medan on bass was born in Belgrad. His early musical education was in the folk music of his native Yugoslavia. Later he moved on to jazz. His inventive, colorful bass playing is just great.

Hajo v. Hadeln started playing drums when he was 13, listening to jazz while his classmates were still into Abba. When joining zona sul, he sought out the intricacies of Brazilian rhythms. His sensitive accompaniment is perfect for Sophie’s singing.

After playing together for four years, zona sul have definitely found their own sound. While remaining authentic the band has developed an original style. This became all the more clear, when they finally went to the recording studio (their fans were repeatedly asking for a CD.) After the first takes, it was evident that the material was well chosen and that the band had created the right feeling, tender and relaxed. Now it is up to you to listen and enjoy...
Teresa di Vicenzo

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