CD 099
Puttin' On The Ritz
Lynn Seaton Trio

Lynn Seaton - bass
Stephen Anderson - piano
Joel Fountain - drums
1 Bernie's Tune  
2 Gone With the Wind  
3 Mood Indigo  
4 Pretending  
5 Indiana  
6 Nature Boy  
7 Moanin'  
8 Londonderry Aire  
9 Puttin' On The Ritz  
Recorded on May 13, 2002 at Panhandle House Studio, Denton, Texas.

"Puttin' On The Ritz is a collection of tunes that reflects the intimacy and
rapport the trio developed by playing together frequently. We evolved ways
to present some of our favorite songs within the context of interesting
arrangements. Playing with Joel and Stephen is really fun. Both are
extremely supportive team players. Their ability to serve the music first
rather than one's own ego makes that possible. We all love a variety of
styles throughout the history of music right up to what is contemporary.
Combining that sense of history with a good groove, swing, dynamics,
compositional improvisations, and adventurous harmonic sensibilities are
trademarks of the group."
- Lynn Seaton

Lynn has participated in over 100 recording sessions, including: the Grammy
Award winning "Diane Schuur and The Count Basie Orchestra" and the Grammy
nominated "Woody Herman 50th Anniversary."

Quotes About Lynn Seaton:

Lynn Seaton has "a spirit of bold experimentation while still embracing the
Old School."
- Bill Milkowski, Jazz Critic

"Seaton lays down an imposing walking groove.and demonstrates sublime
- Bass Player Magazine

"Seaton is a bass player with a technique beyond imagining - his hand slides
up and down the neck of the bass with the speed of the darting tongue of a
cobra, his fingers dance on the strings ala Fred Astaire, and the notes come
bursting forth."
- Sid Weinberg, Blue Notes Jazz Letter

Milt Hinton's Five Favorite Bassists.
"Ray Brown, Ron Carter, Rufus Reid, Lynn Seaton, and Christian McBride.
- New York Times

"Lynn is an excellent player, inspiring clinician, outstanding teacher and
one of the finest musicians presently preserving the music through
- Jamey Aebersold

"An imaginative and deft soloist, he draws a remarkable wealth of sonorities
from his instrument. Seaton is particularly fond of playing with the bow,
which he masters with great virtuosity. Regardless of the tempo, his music
radiates exquisite swing."
- Aleardo Buzzi, Claves Jazz

"One of the best clinicians I've seen is Lynn Seaton."
- Jiggs Wigham

"Lynn Seaton is an outstanding musician who has provided our students with
meaningful instruction during our jazz residency."
- Rob Ratner, Director of Performing and Fine Arts, Mineola, NY Schools

"His sound is like that of the fine orchestral bassist, for he has developed
his Arco technique to the level of his formidable pizzicato.Lynn Seaton has
effectively established his own voice in current jazz music."
- Matthew Hughes, International Society of Bassists Magazine  

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