CD 2022
Real Life Stories
Donald Harrison

Donald Harrison as / Christian Scott tp / Eric Reed p / Jonathan Lefcoski p / Vicente Archer b / John Lamkin dr

01 Playa Haters  
02 Real Life Stories  
03 Swept From The Sea  
04 Oleo  
05 A Night In Tunisia  
06 Strange Day  
07 Take Five  
08 I`m Barred  
09 Keep The Faith

Recorded in New York City on November 4 and 6, 2001.


Donald Harrison, Jr., is one of the most influential modern jazz players of his generation. 'Real Life Stories' is the fourth melody-rich document of his 'Noveau Swing' concept. Yes, it's a killer. Harrison took grooves from pop music styles like funk, rock, Jamaican Dancehall, reggae, hip-hop, Caribbean soca, gospel, New Orleans second-line and R&B, and incorporated them subtly into a hard-swinging acoustic jazz band setting. "You don't EXclude, you INclude, because jazz wouldn't be here if people didn't include," says Harrison. "The beauty of jazz is that you can find the things that are truly you, tell a story, and people can be touched by it."

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