CD 2035
Round And Round
Marc Copland and Greg Osby

Marc Copland p
Greg Osby as
01 Silent Attitude  
02 Balloonman  
03 Round She Goes  
04 Mentor`s Praise  
05 Whatever The Moon  
06 The Wizard  
07 Copious  
08 Deed-Lee-Yah  
09 Easy Living

Recorded in New York City
on November 30, 2002.

Just Copland and Osby. Together for the fist time. This album is a little masterpiece. Unbelievable imagination, a lesson in harmonic drama. “I like this CD,” says Marc Copland.

"Marc Copland is a quiet giant of his instrument...the stuff of legend." Gerard Cox, All About

"…a veritable poet of the piano…" Jean-Pierre Jackson, Repetoire

"The discovery of the year." Konrad Heidkamp, Die Zeit

Marc Copland did not take up piano until the age of 35. That's right - Copland was originally a saxophonist, and quite a fine one at that, being very active on the New York scene in the 70s until he began to have the realization that he could not adequately express the lyrical possibilities he was thinking about in music on a horn - no, he would have to resolutely "sit down" at the piano, and play until he could make that black-and-white mass choir sing.
Here he is accompanied by another creative jazz great: Greg Osby. From the pulse of the streets and the language of a generation, Osby has sketched numerous musical essays set to a contemporary score using the improvisational nature of jazz as the connecting thread. As an innovative, outspoken, often controversial musician, Greg Osby has been a progressive force in jazz now for nearly 20 years. With a full command of the language of bebop, a taste for rhythmic complexity, and a fiery approach to the alto saxophone, he has never been afraid to take chances with his music and like most creative people, is a restless artist in a state of perpetual forward motion. His search for new ways to reach the audience with his music has often placed him in a league of his own. It is undeniable when you listen to the music he has created over the years, as a solo artist or in the company of others, that his is a lone voice standing in a unique place ahead of the pack. And whether you are ear deep in his music or listening to him expound on art and politics, you hear a fresh outlook, an innovative twist, an uncommon way of avoiding the clichés. Osby signed with Blue Note Records in 1990 and has recorded 12 recordings for that label as a leader.

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