CD 2077
Susanne Menzel & Klaus Ignatzek

Susanne Menzel - vocals
Klaus Ignatzek - piano
Johannes Enders - tenor & soprano sax
Jean.Louis Rassinfosse - bass
Sebastian Merk - drums
01 Seasons  
02 Nightline  
03 Island Potion  
04 Hautnah  
05 Get Away  
06 What's The Use  
07 Another Time  
08 (One) Second Fall  
09 Reflections  
10 Secret Recipe  

Recorded and mixed January 24 to 28, 2007 at Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück, Germany.  
All music composed and arranged by Klaus Ignatzek.
All words written by Susanne M. Menzel.

...Ignatzek always succeeds in arousing his audience’s enthusiasm, thanks to his richly nuanced performance on the piano in connection with the original compositions. Here he is joined by the wonderful female vocalist Susanne Menzel. Together with Ignatzek she is making her first steps out in the jazz world. She wrote all the lyrics and with her great sense for words she is making something special out of Klaus Ignatzek’s original compositions. While listening to the music you will surely understand why 1 + 1 can be much more than just 2. The two leaders are accompanied by a great band as well. If you enjoy a solid driving jazz recording performed by a dynamic group, the Susanne Menzel/Klaus Ignatzek Quintet should be on your playlist.

“But Klaus Ignatzek should not be overlooked. Both in solo and accompanying situations, it is him who gives the music its drive. He also wrote the music. Nothing fancy. Just great Jazz.”
- Cadence, USA

“Klaus Ignatzek is a fine, fluent pianist, adaptable to the needs of the band and the music, but authoritative when pushed up front; if his playing sounds cerebral rather than intuitive, it never lacks feeling.” - Wire, Great Britain

”What I like about Ignatzek is that you never know what he will tackle next. Every record is filled with surprises but with the certainty that it will contain good music to refresh the ear, mind and spirit.” - Mark Gardner, The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz

”…the rapport between the musicians – both of whom revere the unexpected, avoid cliches, swing compulsively and respect the roots – is vividly evident in the music.”
- Billboard, Great Britain

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