CD 2064
Sign Of The Times
Benny Lackner Trio

Benny Lackner – piano, fender rhodes, nordelectro,
nordlead 2, hohner pianet
Derek Nievergelt – accustic bass, electric bass
Robert Perkins – drums, percussion
1 Sign of the times  
2 Ballade  
3 Dresden Blues  
4 Sister Love  
5 Feisty Beast  
6 Soul Eyes  
7 Rambo Sex Party  
8 Isobel  
9 How About you  
Recorded on November 19, 2004 at The Studio, New York, by Jon Rosenberg.

Pianist Benny Lackner has made some waves in the past couple of years with his sensational debut Not the Same where he finally got the chance to step out and prove his mettle in the piano trio format.

"Lackner may be the first established pianist to come out of the Mehldau school … With a contemporary approach, he helps give the piano trio a much-needed facelift."
All About Jazz, New York

"Despite sharing a fondness for funky grooves, hard drumbeats and covers of pop tunes, the Benny Lackner Trio differs markedly from the Bad Plus: Where the BP goes for the jugular on it's recordings, the Lacknerites keep it understated on Not The Same … And despite the jam-band feel of some of songs, not one track of Not The Same runs longer than it absolutely has to – a rarity for any jazz album.”
Jazz Times

“The overall effect is one of tastefully jazzy collaboration, not oriented to demonstrating solo skills but imparting a sense of the performers truly sharing the concert experience with the audience." Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Lackner and his companions have hit upon an unclassifiable, uncontrived sound with an appeal that could reach beyond the jazz arena. ... they fashion music that's equal parts melodic jazz, indie rock and edgy downtown improv ... (and) knit far-flung sources into a seamless and innovative fabric."

Born in Berlin, Benny Lackner was raised on American folk songs and blues by his California native father. Upon moving to America at 13, his jazz drummer uncle (Tom Lackner) introduced him to the world of jazz. Benny went on to study with pianist Brad Mehldau, to perform at the Monterey and the Montreux jazz festivals, and to play with artists such as the late Billy Higgins and Pheeroan Aklaff, Marc Ribot and Brad Shepik.

The second outing of the Benny Lackner Trio presents next to five originals brand new (jazz) versions of songs by Prince (Sign Of The Times) and Börk (Isobell) plus songs by Waldron and Gershwin.  

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