CD 111
Songs We Dig Volume II
Klaus Ignatzek Trio

Klaus Ignatzek - piano
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse - bass
Esteve Pi Ventura - drums

01 In Your Own Sweet Way  (Dave Brubeck)
02 With A Song In My Heart  (R. Rodgers / L. Hart)
03 Bud Powell  (Chick Corea)
04 Speak Like A Child  (Herbie Hancock)
05 Search For Peace  (McCoy Tyner)
06 Yes And No  (Wayne Shorter)
07 I Mean You  (Thelonius Monk)
08 Old Folks  (W. Robison / D. Hill)
09 Falling Grace  (Steve Swallow)
10 The Nearness Of You  (H. Carmichael / N. Washington)
11 Bobbyʻs Minor  (Bobby Jaspar)

Recorded on August 17 and 18, 2009 at Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück.

If someone wanted to compile a "Who's Who" of European jazz music, the pianist and composer Klaus Ignatzek would certainly deserve an especially extensive entry in it. There is a definitely good reason for the critics continually considering him to be among the leading keyboard artists of this continent and for his numerous recordings having received excellent reviews down the line.

Now he presents some more of his favorites on ‘Songs We Dig Volume II’. This is the successor to the critically acclaimed ‘Volume I’ – and it’s nothing less than another world-class recording in the classic piano-trio format. If you enjoy a solid driving jazz recording performed by a dynamic group, the Klaus Ignatzek Trio should be on your play list. No matter what tunes they play, they always succeed in arousing the listener's enthusiasm, thanks to their richly nuanced performance.

"Klaus Ignatzek is a fine, fluent pianist, adaptable to the needs of the band and the music, but authoritative when pushed up front; if his playing sounds cerebral rather than intuitive, it never lacks feeling."
Wire, Great Britain

"But Klaus Ignatzek should not be overlooked. Both in solo and accompanying situations, it is him who gives the music its drive. Nothing fancy. Just great Jazz."
Cadence, USA

"What I like about Ignatzek is that you never know what he will tackle next. Every record is filled with surprises but with the certainty that it will contain good music to refresh the ear, mind and spirit."
Mark Gardner, The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz

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