CD 2076
Street Expressionism
Paradigm Shift feat. Wycliffe Gordon, Marcus Printup and Gray Mayfield

Melvin Henderson - guitar
Gerry Youngman - organ
Jared Schonig - drums, piano
Wycliffe Gordon - trombone, vocals
Marcus Printup - trumpet, vocals
Gray Mayfield - sax, flute, vocals
Aaron Staebell - drums (on 10)
Annie Sellick - vocals (on 6)
01 Street Expressionism  
02 Fallin' Through The Crack  
03 Candi  
04 In My Life  
05 Lulu's Back In Town  
06 A Small Day Tomorrow  
07 Give Me A Break  
08 Just This  
09 One Last Time  
10 On the River Mosel  
Recorded on April 5, 13, 14 and 28, 2006 at Blackdog Recording Studios, Rochester, New York. 

The phenomenal follow-up to the Top Ten US Jazz Radio Charts recording Shifting Times (nh 2053). Once again the trio is joined by fellow musicians Wycliffe Gordon on trombone, and Marcus Printup on trumpet, featuring guest appearances by Gray Mayfield on saxophone and flute, and vocalist Annie Sellick.

Melvin Henderson, Gerry Youngman and Jared Schonig make up the band Paradigm Shift, and they are demanding high standards from their recordings: "It is our aim to create music that is original and that will draw people because of what it is, not what it resembles. The music is the gateway. It is the means in which we earn the right to speak to a crowd which would not otherwise listen." And Mel, Gerry and Jared continue: “After a two year wait before going back in the studio, Paradigm Shift played, lived, and observed as much of life as we could all in an effort to become a closer musical family. Street Expressionism is a direct result of those observations. We long ago decided that, although the jazz standards of yesteryear contained all the knowledge we collectively loved or for that matter needed, it was important for us to express some of the many other musical influences that have shaped us. Street Expressionism is a collection of original, traditional, and funk styles of jazz. We pay homage to the masters knowing that we will be learning from them for a lifetime. We also know that there is much to learn from the many voices, sounds and observations of the streets we traverse everyday, sometimes the expressions are humorous, sometimes sad but if we look just beyond the surface, always real. We hope you enjoy this music on any musical, spiritual, intellectual level you may find yourself.“

“With its first national release, Shifting Times, the organ-guitar-drums trio is ready to introduce the rest of the country to its upbeat brand of mainstream soul jazz…
…Shifting time is, however, a captivating session of mainly original compositions that owes a great deal to the Blue Note soul jazz of the late 60’s. Equal parts Jimmy Smith, Grant Green and Donald Byrd, Paradigm Shift does manage to pay homage without being completely imitative…”

"Their lovely compositions can easily compare with some of today’s jazz standards: You immediately like them when you hear them first. They entertain – but have depth, too."
Jazz Podium

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