CD 026
Swing Is Here
Allan Vache & Antti Sarpila

Allan Vache / Antti Sarpila / Mark Shane / Len Skeat / Joe Ascione  
01 As Long As I Live  
02 Fidgety Feet  
03 Careless Love  
04 Easy Living  
05 Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland  
06 Blues  
07 Just One Of Those Things  
08 How Am I To Know  
09 Swing Is Here  
10 Up A Lazy River  
11 Mama's Gone, Goodbye  
12 I Know That You Know  
13 Goodnight My Love  
14 Some Of These Days

DOWNLOAD ONLY! At the moment this recording is only available as a download. Please get the music at iTunes, amazon, musicload, napster, emusic etc.

Or get it from us for the download-price. We'll copy the music on a CD-R and send it out together with a print-out of the cover image.

Price 8.99 EURO


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