CD 9007
The Complete Joyride
Wycliffe Gordon

Wycliffe gordon - trombone, vocals
Victor Goines - saxes, clarinet
Farid Barron - piano
Rodney Whitaker - bass
Herlin Riley - drums

01 Blues Impromptus                   
02 The Island Boy                   
03 Bed Time                   
04 Let's Call This                   
05 They Call Him (Sugar Rob)                    
06 Rhythm Cone                   
07 Wishing Well (Karen's Contemplation)                    
08 Take Your Cake Back                   
09 Just Going Off                   
10 Blooz Talkin'                   
11 Quittin' Time                    
12 On The Sunny Side Of The Street                    
13 Cherokee                    
14 I Can't Get Started                    
15 Greensleeves                    
16 They Call Him (Sugar Rob) (Alternate Mix)                    
17 Just Going Off (Alternate Mix)                    
18 Blessed His Soul                    
19 Jingle Bells

Recorded on December 16 and 17, 2000 in New York City.

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