CD 070
The Sound Of Alex - Volume One
The Alex Welsh Legacy Band

Tom Saunders co, voc
Roy Williams tb
John Barnes as, bars
Dave Shepherd cl
Brian lemon p
Jim Douglas g
Harvey Weston b
Bobby Worth dr 
01 Oh, Baby 
02 Home 
03 At The Jazz Band Ball 
04 Nobody Else But Me 
05 Limehouse Blues 
06 Someday You’ll Be Sorry 
07 Up A Lazy River 
08 Chinatown, My Chinatown

Recorded live 1999 in Hamburg.

Alex Welsh is a true jazz giant. He has already become a legend and he is on the best way to get the status of a cult figure. The music on this CD has the special Welsh touch: The sound of the band is brilliant, the rhythm section has that typical Welsh power, the solos are outstanding, the boys have a lot of fun together on stage (you can really hear it in the music) and the band swings like hell.

»A number of musicians have filled the Alex role in he various reunion bands, but for this session the organizers hit on the super idea of inviting Tom Saunders at the concert.«
Norman Simpson

Price 14.99 EURO


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