CD 2104
Treasure - Live At Wacky's
Kim Jeeseok

Kim Jeeseok - alto sax
Paul Kirby - piano
Martin Zenker - bass
Kim Minchan - drums

Recorded on December 7, 2013 at Künstlerwerkstatt Pfaffenhofen by Panorama Tonstudio.

"This live recording was the last concert of an extensive two-week JazzKorea tour in Germany which gave me a lot of new perspectives into many things. This album was recorded at a carpentry studio / concert hall with first-rate analogue recording facilities. The host, Wacky, is one of the most friendly, relaxed guys I have ever had the pleasure of working for. Perhaps because of the unique characteristics of the venue, the concert was truly a special one - very personal and energetic.
I’d like to sincerely thank Martin, Paul, Minchan for playing my music so passionately and Lutzi, Dalkyun, Daeho, Pureum, Woongi, Chris and Geehye for all the good times throughout the tour, and Wacky and Tobias for their friendship and support.  
Also I’d like to thank the Korean Cultural Center in Berlin for their support and generosity and finally to Frank for his unending professionalism in producing this album." Kim Jeeseok

A Korean saxophonist, composer and also jazz educator Mr. Jeeseok Kim's musical Journey starts in the city of Jazz, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. With his saxophone and only a hope to seek the music he was looking for, he moved to New Orleans in 1998 at the age of 20 and stayed there for the next 6 years. During that time he played in Ellis Marsalis New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, and performed with Harry Connick Jr, Wynton Marsalis and Brandford Marsalis.

A thrust for a new music and new challenge lead Jeeseok to leave New Orleans and headed for New York City in 2004. In New York he continued his jazz study at Manhattan School of Music where he received his masters degree in jazz performance. Under his name as a leader, Jeeseok participated concerts at places like CUNY Jazz Festival, Queens Art Festival, Korean Consulate Arts Center in New York, etc.

Since Mr. Kim finally returned to his mother land, South Korea in 2006, it is undoubtable that he has successfully added some more spice to the pre-existing Korean jazz scene. In 2011 Jeeseok Kim was nominated to be "a saxophonist of the year" by 3000 voters from Korean Jazz Magazine "Jazz People" and received also in 2011 "The Readers Poll Award".

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