CD 119
Walkin' By The River
Marty Elkins

Marty Elkins - vocals
Jon-Erik Kellso - trumpet
Howard Alden - guitar
Joel Diamond - hammond c3 organ
Steve Ash - piano
Lee Hudson - bass
Taro Okamoto - drums

01 If I Could Be With You
02 Runnin' Wild
03 Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
04 Garbage Can Blues
05 When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
06 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'
07 There'll Be Some Changes Made
08 Down To Steamboat Tennessee
09 Comes Love
10 Ill Wind
11 I'll Never Be The Same
12 Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
13 Walkin' By The River

Recorded on August 18, 19 and 29, 2014 at Systems Two Recording Studios, New York.


Marty Elkins is one of my favorite singers. If you know her work, you'll understand why. If she's new to you, prepare to be entranced:

For one thing, she swings without calling attention to it. Nothing in her style is written in capital letters; she doesn't dramatize. But the feeling she brings to each song comes through immediately. Her voice is pleasing in itself and she glides along next to the song, not trying to obliterate it so that we can admire her and her alone.  

So it's delightful news that Marty has released her third CD, WALKIN’ BY THE RIVER (Nagel-Heyer 119), and it is a treat.

Marty isn't a Diva or someone who demands to be a Star. When I've seen her in performance — sitting in or on her own gig — she is on equal, friendly terms with the instrumentalists, never demanding the spotlight. But quietly, subversively, her voice finds a place in our hearts: it is the closest thing to having someone you're fond of whisper something pleasing in your ear. And it's not just me, or my ear. Marty has things to tell us about love, about pleasure, about sadness. Many of the songs on this CD are familiar — but they take on new depth and feeling when she sings them.


Price 14.99 EURO


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