CD 2098
Gilbert Paeffgen Trio

Oli Kuster – piano, harmonium
Urban Lienert – acoustic  and electric bass
Gilbert Paeffgen – drums, hammered dulcimer

01 Les Bergers
02 X99
03 Juniwind
04 Eher
05 Tag und Nachtgleiche
06 Maie Zaeuerli
07 Maser of Wu
08 Allenthalben
09 Ignis Fatuus
10 Leguan
11 Gloomy Sunday
12 Popol

Recorded on June 11 and 12, 2011 at Studio Mecanique, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, by Julien Fehlmann.

Gilbert Paeffgen plays drums and hammered dulcimer. The German expat and Swiss resident put together this trio outing, which is not your typical piano trio date.

Additionally to the drums Paeffgen plays the Hammered Dulcimer (a very old instrument in the world's history): sort of an autoharp without the auto, played with hammer like plectrums. Maybe invading barbarians have brought it to Europe, where eventually it became the piano of today. The sound is special: there is a burning momentum that develops with all three hitting it and going forward with infectious intensity. Paeffgen's compositions feature in his trio rhythmically active heads, odd grooves, vaguely folkish ingredients, lively ostinatos on drums and bass, modern solos, where everyone is or is not in synch.

All this has a singular quality which bursts out with confidence and cockiness. Or as written in one of the critics: " the end the players provide a stimulating program - it`s not always ‘jazz’, but it`s tuneful and pleasurable."

Price 14.99 EURO


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